Senior Architect

Job Title: Senior Architect
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Birmingham
Salary: £40000 - £50000 per annum, Benefits: Annual Bonus, Flexibility & Travel.
Start Date: 2020-03-09
REF: MK10022032
Contact Name: Matt Kirk
Contact Email:
Job Published: 22 days ago

Job Description

Architects who design houses generally don't also design high rise buildings, or Hospitals, or very much else at all in commercial practice. It's one sector or the other. Imagine your perfect job came up, it pays great, you could walk from home, they have a gym in the building, snooker tables, free michelin starred lunches every day, company trips to Tropical Islands and sports cars for pool vehicles. You'd want to apply wouldn't you?

Well if you're an Architect it would probably come with a few caveats: "MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF DESIGNING SPACE PORTS" or "UNDER GROUND BUNKER EXPERIENCE ONLY".

All to often Architects get dumped into a sector at the middle stage of their careers and there they stay forever. If you like variety you won't always get it sadly. It might not be such a bad thing, giving yourself a niche on certain types of projects means you'll end up more sought after and possibly better paid. It also shuts down possibilities.

My point is that this is a chance to bring some variety into your working life. This Architectural practice will want you to work in a few different sectors, but they are wildly different. They've been clever enough to realise that it also benefits them to keep their people agile and able to move between teams and projects.

This approach might benefit you too. Not just because you won't be as bored on a daily basis. But when it comes to the progression on offer here, you're not fighting the other Senior Architect in the team to get that promotion, they can move you up at the same time. It keeps doors open if you decide you want to move on in five years too, you might be able to apply to both the Space Port job and the Underground bunker job.

All that said, they don't mind paying a decent basic salary, or offering you flexibility when you need it with school drop off's or cocktails on a Friday or hanging on at home for a few extra hours for that delivery. They don't have time to micro manage you, you're hear to get a job done, as long as that's all going well you'll get whatever flexibility you need.

£50,000 for an experienced Senior Architect, maybe more, no problem if it is more don't let that put you off, we've got to give you some sort of guide. Most of your friends outside of the industry probably think Architects earn that from the moment they qualify, but there are few companies willing to break the £40k or £45k barrier for none Associate Directors when it comes to Architectural practices. Here you'll stay ahead of the curve when it comes to pay.

When it does come to variety; one project could be a mental health facility, the next could be a big new University building. It could be a classy Medium or High rise development or a 5 star hotel. It could be a big music or sporting venue or you could be revamping a shopping centre in China, occasionally you might even get to travel.

They're building their core team that is going to get them through the next 5 years worth of projects. It's easy, you don't need to decide now if you want to be a part of it, you only need to register your interest.